Adina Popescu


She is on the social impact panel of Social Impact Using Technology.

Adina is a Philosopher, a Futurist and Entrepreneur, creating platforms that integrate nascent technology in order to generate impact and to empower bottom-up movements. She is currently working on an immersive platform called ÆRTH – a crowd-sourced, machine learning based news & content platform for good – visualized, interlinked and mapped on one model of the planet on web, mobile & in XR.

She worked as a creative advisor to Conservation International (CI) on new forms of engagement via immersive & viral storytelling and has been an advisor to Peter Seligmann (CEO of CI) directly – which led to Conservation International’s VR experience Valens Reef @ Chris Milks company WITHIN.

Adina has been working with the team of CI on the ‘Nature is Speaking App’, working

alongside Media Arts Lab and Lee Clow and has advised Media Arts Lab on storytelling in

VR/AR and social Media on behalf of CI.

She has a deeply rooted interest in Nature Conservation and was curator of a conference format called ‘Parley for the Oceans’ – organized on behalf of Pharrell Williams and Bionic Yarn, aiming to find bio mimicry solutions in industrial production.

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