Dennis Weidner

CEO & Founder of Paranoid Internet and C3 Crypto Conference

I’m an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for STO & Blockchain, growth marketing, business strategy, and people.

I am very excited about the second edition of the C3 Crypto Conference. With this year’s
Blockchain and Crypto Conference it is our ambition to establish a platform where politicians,
developers, visionaries within SMEs and corporates, as well as representatives of the traditional
financial sector can actively strive for a fruitful exchange of knowledge in order to construct the
society of tomorrow.

I can guarantee after these 2 days, participants will gain new insights that promote progress and
entrepreneurship. This city has developed into one of the world’s largest hubs for
cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This is precisely why we are taking up the challenge
of inviting various players in the ecosystem to find a consensus between the entrepreneurial and
the technically driven spheres within the blockchain ecosystem. Take the opportunity to make
your contribution to the future and hear industry leaders speak about their goals and visions for
the future of digital assets, and the business world of the future.

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