Rossco Paddison

Rossco Paddison

Rossco Paddison, CEO of flipsr, Blockchain Speaker and Partner of Block Buys.

I’m a father, a futurist and love playing an active role in building the future (especially crypto assets).

In late 2017 and early 2018, over 7500 people in Australia attended a series of events called Break Into Bitcoin. At these events, they learned the basics……what is bitcoin, how does it work, how will it change the world, and most importantly, for the majority of those people, they went through the process of receiving their first bitcoin.

I was fortunate enough to lead those seminars and I saw first hand, the pain & frustration these everyday people went through, just so we could send them a crypto asset.

Crypto Assets are not going away and will continue to change the way the world’s financial systems operate, but right now, what needs to change is the way that everyday users buy, store and diversify their own portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Now my number one focus is on building “flipsr”, the world’s first crypto asset manager.

With the explosion in crypto over the last 2 years, the rush for technology to keep up has meant a glut of tools have been built, that while functional, are hard to use and have created a massive problem with user adoption.

The team at flipsr and I are working on fixing that.

Look forward to connecting with you 🤓

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