Sven Laepple

CEO of Astratum

Sven is a digital innovator for 20 years and is the founder of Astratum, developing blockchain prototypes and ventures.
Sven Laepple is founder of ASTRATUM. ASTRATUM is a blockchain boutique and covers DLT innovation from strategy over technology and marketing to implementation. He advises large industrial and financial groups or family offices on DLT innovation, whether it is about sustainability or STO’s. ASTRATUM is industry partner of the Berlin Institute of Technology. Further, Sven is also co-founder of the German Blockchain Association Bundesblock. He also run Blockchain Angels Germany in collaboration with Outlier Ventures, UK.
Previously, Sven had senior management roles in strategy, innovation, marketing and technology at Vodafone Global and Deutsche Telekom. He also co-founded in Vienna an international interactive integrator and incubator, which IPO’d in 2000, where he assisted Bank Austria in its digital transformation.
Sven has an MBA from the University Mannheim (DKFM), and studied blockchain and fintech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Nicosia (UNic). His inspiration are novels from William Gibson, Neal Stephenson and Daniel Suarez and his passion lately belongs to the privacy coin GRIN.

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